Stackpole Quay to Barafundle Bay

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Today, let's explore the picturesque Welsh Stand Up Paddle (SUP) route from Stackpole Quay to Barafundle Bay.
This coastal adventure is perfect for individuals embarking on their SUP journeys, having gained experience in sheltered bays, inland paddling, and perhaps even navigating a slow-moving river. Now, the desire to advance to coastal waters leads to the stunning Pembrokeshire region in South West Wales – an ideal starting point for this next level of exploration.

 Image of Stackpole Quay at low tide

Accessing the breathtaking 'Mediterranean Style Beach' at Barafundle Bay isn't possible by vehicle; instead, there's a scenic 20-minute walk from Stackpole National Trust Car Park. This car park, conveniently located near the Boathouse Tea Room, charges a reasonable £6 for the entire day (cash only). National Trust  members are in luck, as they can enjoy complimentary parking. Additionally, rejoice in the availability of pre and post-paddle refreshments on-site, along with restroom facilities for added convenience.
Image of Barafundle Bay on Ebbing Tide

As enthusiasts of paddling, we often wonder, why walk when you can 'paddle'? That's precisely the experience awaiting you as you launch from Stackpole Quay to embark on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) journey around to Barafundle Bay.

Our team advises initiating your paddle approximately 1 hour before high water, allowing for a 2-hour adventure around and back. For a safer experience, SUP Wales recommends paddling with a companion and carrying two forms of flotation—a Leash attached from the board to the ankle, calf, or waist, along with a Buoyancy Aid.

To assist you in navigating the route, we've provided a map of the location below to help you get your bearings. 

Stackpole Quay Car Park Postcode - SA71 5LS

This Stand Up Paddle (SUP) route is truly stunning as you closely follow the coastline, revealing captivating geology and numerous caves to explore. And let's not forget the opportunity to witness the majestic marine life along the way.
Photo Credit - Alice Lawrence
Ensure that your phone is securely enclosed in a waterproof case to capture those enchanting moments. More importantly, in case of an emergency, you can calmly dial 112 or 999 and request assistance from the Coastguard.
Photo credit - Clare Rutter 
Planning is Key
Effective planning is crucial for any Stand Up Paddle (SUP) adventure in a coastal setting, aiming to minimize risks and enhance personal safety. Familiarising yourself with the Beaufort Scale is beneficial, and we've included a convenient table below for your reference.

After becoming proficient with the table, we suggest employing a 'check and check again' approach, using at least three weather applications. This will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the forecast for your planned route. Establish the routine of checking the night before and conducting a second check on the day of your paddle. While Beaufort Force 0-2, and even 3, is generally acceptable, it ultimately depends on your competency, awareness, and comprehension of the conditions suitable for paddling and interpreting the environment.

Weather resources such as:

 Windy, XC Weather  WindguruMet OfficeMeteoblue or Tide Times  

are all useful to compare and contrast meteorological components such as wind speed/gusts, wind direction, wave height, swell distance etc. 

To learn more on the formation of each feel free to check out our Wind, Wave and Swells & Tidal Formation articles. 

Emphasising the significance of planning your paddle in advance of the weather is crucial for mitigating risks and ensuring Stand Up Paddle (SUP) safety. If uncertainties arise, it is strongly advised to refrain from going out and, instead, seek professional guidance.

Remember to live the Paddleboarding experience for the right reasons.

We wish you fun, safe & happy paddling in beautiful Wales!

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