SUP Wales Mascot

Let us tell you a bit about our backbone story as well as introduce..the one and only Dai The Dragon 


Dai is our dedicated SUP Wales mascot, who likes to pop up from time to time especially around topics in relation to SUP Safety & Education.

Here's a few fun facts about Dai:
⭐️ Dai was born at Dan-Yr-Ogaf Caves in Wales
⭐️ Dai has an estimated ripe old age of 66 million years
⭐️ Dai gets sad when he cannot teach SUP
⭐️ Dai favourite paddle technique is the Step Back Turn 
⭐️ Dai loves events inclusive of breaking Guinness World Records
⭐️ Dai's favorite competition is of course the Dragon Boat Race 

The Founders

Now time to learn about the founders - We (Melissa & Julian) are brother and sister - the dynamic duo with a true PASSION for SUP and have been Paddleboarding around Wales as well as some of the coast of Europe.
  • Julian is a BA qualified Event Manager & Prince2 qualified Project Manager.  His dedication and passion for many sports have helped him work on successful events such as the London Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2012.
  • Julian is also a paddleboard professional with a passion for SUP and wants to help individuals on and off the water safely whilst having the most fun possible in the process albeit whether that via SUP education or events. 


  • Melissa on the other hand is a highly creative learning and performance director with a passion for people, education, and development. Her training capabilities span across onboarding, process, technical instruction, and behavior change. Melissa is a SUP fanatic! 
  • Melissa is equally an accredited Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach who specializes in blended learning, podcasts, and daily blog articles. 


Our main service focuses on SUP Events, SUP Teaching & Training Programs, SUP Partnerships as well as insightful and up to date information about exciting paddle points to launch from within Wales.

We above all, want to make sure that Wales is a safe environment for paddling via our dedication, commitment, and love for SUP.  Our goal is to deliver an exceptional standard of service for both the local community & our international guests when visiting Wales. We also want to inspire a generation of SUPboarders and bring more individuals into this great sport. 

If you have a question or suggestion we'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out via the contact us page!
'Be safe, have fun & don't get in the way of anyone else being SUP safe or having paddle fun!'