Tidal Formation

Remember we discussed the Ocean Wave Formation and touched on Tidal Formation, well today is that day to unpack that aspect a little further.

Did you know Wales has the 2nd largest tidal swing in the world?

Here are some important & fun facts: 

 Both the Moon & Sun play a major part in making high & low tides on Earth due to the gravitational force from each sphere

While the Moon pulls the water towards its sphere, the Earth is also attracted like a magnet which simultaneously creates 2 high tides at each side of the hemisphere with the tide nearer the moon being far greater as it holds the most gravitational force.
When the moon aligns directly with Sun this is called a 'New Moon', and when it's furthest away from the Sun it's called the 'Full Moon'
 At the time of the Moon and Sun are aligned horizontally across the Earth, the gravity force creates 'SUPer tides' as both spheres hold a combined strength. This is commonly referred to as 'Spring Tides' as in 'Springing forth'.
 Upon the Moon being at its 1st or 3rd quarter of Earth orbit against the sun, the gravitational pull is far more modest as the gravity forces counteract each other - this is commonly referred to as 'Neap Tides'.

 There are in total x60 high and x60 low tides on Earth for each Lunar month and of which x2 are Spring and x2 are Neap tides




So there we have it, high-level tides explained in a nutshell!

Want to learn more? If so, here's a short 5-minute video from Space Science which we think you may like!