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Recently our team entertained Glan-Yr-Mor School Pupils for an end of year adventure activity which included Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) & Adventure Trailing (AT).


So what is Adventure Based Programming?  Well the process utilizes adventure activities with groups in order to facilitate social emotional learning, personal growth, and behavioral change.

Our activities also couple nicely with the New Curriculum for Wales, where our designed programme helps pupils become active, remain healthy and build on confidence.

On this occasion, our team divided the pupils up into two groups, the first cohort headed for the water delivered by Coach Martin, whilst the remainder cohort went on an adventure trail headed by Coach Catherine. Both activities involve physical & mental activity.  

Water Activity 

During the water activity, the team introduced a cohort of 12 pupils into Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). The session began with ensuring all pupils had the appropriate kit that was safe to use, secure and comfortable . Once set, safety information and protocols were delivered marking the importance of the likes of Buoyancy Aid, Falling Safely and Water Etiquette. 


After the pupils understood protocols, the group meandered their way down to the Pontoon where further instruction was provided on SUP equipment, inclusive of how to hold the paddle, and also importantly how to launch safely.



Once all pupils had safely left the Pontoon, we began to introduce stroke techniques such as forward, turning, reversing and stopping.


We then continued with our professional expertise, patience and words of encouragement to help the group to stand up while paddling. The group took to SUP like a 'duck to water' and within 15 minutes all participants were standing and having fun in a safe manner. 



Adventure Trail 

While one set of pupils took to the water, the second group went on an educational discovery around the reservoir. The pupils were instructed to work in pairs equipped with information on what you were likely to find within the sheltered environment. One piece of content indicated wild Birds & Insects common at the Reservoir, and the other focused on the importance of spotting Invasive Species, and what to do if you spot one. 


The pupils were equipped with content, pen's and clipboards to help with the activity.


After 90 minutes, the groups stopped for lunch, and then swapped over activities. The initial group that had been on the water, heading for the adventure trail, while those that has been on the walk then took to the water.


The Gauntlet

Throughout the majority of our larger bookings, we always encourage team building exercises, such as the famous Gauntlet Run.

 This challenge to face and overcome focuses on team bonding, and ensures pupils organise themselves into a horizontal line, we call this 'rafting up'. 

During this exercise, the pupils will use communication, collaboration and coordination methods to align and ensure the gauntlet ready for action.

The impact can be measured against improved confidence, increased resilience and developed empathic awareness. Without utilisation of these core competencies the team wouldn't be able to execute this challenge safely. 


Once the team are finally in position, the end pupil will travel from one side of the Gauntlet to the other without falling off while being encouraged by team mates. 


Here's a text book video demonstration of the Gauntlet run in full swing:-



Finally, our team delivered a debrief to the pupils upon exiting the water touching the importance of Water Safety & Biosecurity once more. This was closely followed with a big round of applause for the amazing staff at Glan-Yr-Mor School for providing the pupils with an unforgettable experience that they will remember for many years to come.  


If you are reading this article and your a teacher or parent/guardian that wants to organise a team building exercise, and which happens to tie in to the New Curriculum for Wales, simply give us a call,

We can easily cater for groups of up to 30 to encourage happier and healthier lifestyle by helping to stimulate individuals mental & emotional well-being.

We look forward to seeing you on the blue. 

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