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SUP Wales are delighted to offer More Music, in More Places in partnership with Speaqua Sound Co.

Want to paddle with friends, and play your favourite tunes in open water, at the beach, or post SUP BBQ or Hot Tub?

Our team equally believes music makes the ordinary things in life better and that you should be able to bring your music anywhere life’s adventure takes you, with or without your phone...wherever you go. That's why we partner with Speaqua Sound Co to bring you music where you need it, with another quality product to prove it!


Disclaimer: Please use this product responsibly.

Speaqua has an initiative in place to help bring awareness to the importance of electronic recycling, who aims to set a trend not just an innovation, but also in environmental responsibility.  Speaqua has initiated an electronic recycling program to help reduce the mining of rare earth metals and the refining processes they go through. The program aims to help 1) reduce the overabundance of rare mineral mining 2) preserve our lands and oceans 3) bring education on the importance of electronic recycling and its impact on our environment.

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