Leatherback Turtles

Today we take a closer look at sea species known as the Leatherback Turtle, who although are rare can be spotted while out Paddleboarding across the Welsh coast.


Did you know Leatherback Turtles:

⭐️ Are the largest of seven within their Sea Turtle kind
⭐️ Cross both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans annually 
⭐️ Do not have a shell on their backs and are covered by the thick, leathery layer of skin which provides them with their proud name
⭐️ Can easily dive in depths of up to 1000 meters

⭐️ Make the pilgrimage to our Celtic shores each summer to feast on our Welsh Jellyfish!


Unfortunately, the reality is Leather Back Turtles have been in serious decline for the last 100 years due to enhanced egg collection and fishing by catch. So, if you are lucky enough to see one while you SUP, remember to respect and do keep your distance to let these beautiful species live in peace & harmony!

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