Grey Seals

Wales is renown for having magical marine mammals who patrol the idyllic coastline which includes several hundred Grey Seals that live across the Welsh shores. 

Studies suggest the better locations for Paddleboarders to potentially sight these adorable mammals are on the Marloes, or Llyn or Gower Peninsulas in Wales. 

Did you know:

Approximately 5,000 Grey Seals live in West Wales alone.

Grey Seals can swim up to 100 kilometers a day.

Grey Seals can hold their breath for an hour and a half underwater.

Seal Pups are typical sighted in Autumn in Wales and can be spotted around the beautiful Welsh coastline until December.



Remember, if you do bump into these majestic mammals whilst out Paddleboarding in Wales, please be sure to keep your distance..unless of course...they mount your board which does happen...then best to stay calm.

The RSPCA provides sound advice on sighting a Grey Seal or Pups which recommends to keep your distance, and if you find the mammal in distress calmly dial 0300 1234 999 sighting the mammals specific location. 

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