Razorbill Birds

Whilst Paddleboarding around the beautiful Welsh Coast you might meet many rare birds or magical marine life that you don't typically find on land.

One of those rarities is none other than the Razorbill Bird (Scientific name - Alca Torda) who descends from the Alcidae family and wildly populates the subarctic waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  

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Here are some facts about the Razorbill Bird:

The average length of an adult is between 39 - 43cm.
The bird has an approximate wingspan of 66cm.
The average weight of an adult is 710g.
The lifespan of a Razorbill is around 13 years, although a UK bird ringed in 1967 has survived for at least 41 years—a record for the species.
Razorbills hunt fish, and dive in the ocean up to a whopping 20m in depth.

Razorbills are the closest living relative of the extinct Auk (1940).

Here's how to identify:

The razorbill is white breast underneath and black on top.
They have a short, thick bill that has distinguished white lines across the end.

The similar-looking guillemot bird is chocolate-brown in colour, has a longer and thinner bill and different features around the eyes.


Razorbills reside along rocky cliff edges and deep ravines.
They pick these awkward and isolated locations to nest for chicks security.
Razorbills are typically spotted across the Welsh coastline.



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