Bottlenose Dolphins

Did you know you don't have to visit Florida or Mexico to find Dolphins?

That's right Bottlenose Dolphins live in and around the shores of the Welsh coast line and can be spotted during summer months while you SUP inclusive of hot spots like New Quay, Ceredigion, Wales!

Did you know Bottlenose Dolphins can: 

⭐️ Grow up to 13 feet tall (4m)
⭐️ Weigh up to 1,300 pounds (590kg)
⭐️ Give birth every 3-6 years to a calf
⭐️ Swim-up to 12mph (19km/h)
⭐️ Eat up to a whopping 6-7kg of food per day

⭐️ Develop individual whistles to communicate location, condition, or to identify themselves with other dolphins.

Pretty cool huh? Well that's not all - we are equally blessed with Harbour Porpoise within Wales which can be commonly confused for Bottlenose Dolphins, therefore here's a few top tips on how to tell the difference between our aquatic friends of the sea 🐬🐬😃🤙🏼

🌊 Dolphins have hooked or curved dorsal fins, while Porpoises have triangular dorsal fins
🌊 Porpoises have spade shape teeth while Dolphins have conical shape teeth
🌊 Porpoise are much smaller in size, only around 7 feet

🌊 Dolphins are more talkative then Porpoise, and commonly referred to as the jumping acrobats out of the two

We hope you find this article useful to learn about these wonderful mammals that live in the Welsh waters, and can be spotted whilst Stand Up Paddleboarding in Wales.

Polite reminder - if you are lucky to spot these beautiful mammals, please keep your distance, if this cannot be achieved for any reason then simply remain calm and then paddle away quietly.

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