The Impact of Paddleboarding

Ever longed to know what drives people to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)?

You might be looking for that answer on why SUPers want to launch at multiple locations and are always eager to check the weather applications or have eyes on the best paddle spots? 

Yep...we wanted to find that out too, so our team set about distributing a poll to find out what feeling SUP has on enthusiasts.

Do read on...

We simply asked the question:

Are you able to describe in 'one word' how SUP makes you feel?

Below we can demonstrate the results. 

As the chart reveals, the word ALIVE took almost a third of votes, and finished top of the words associated with 'How Paddleboarding Makes You Feel'.

The Oxford dictionary describes ALIVE as 'having life, not dead or inanimate' or 'still in existence, force, or operation and active' and this is the exact feeling you get from Paddleboarding. We are seeing increasing numbers in the sport and SUP has been dubbed the fastest Watersports activity globally for a number of years. Could SUP be the remedy that the worldwide community is longing for after coming out of a lockdowns to help with the notion that you are still here, and have every moment to live for and to be alive.  

Let's explore a few more words that can be seen within the results, such as the powerful word of PEACEFUL, which confidently claimed second spot in our poll. Interestingly, Peace is a belief within itself, a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence.

Paddleboarding brings that feeling of calm tranquility, and helps one connect with the natural environment. The end product restores faith within ones belief that there is ambience of pure bliss and one that can only be fulfilled while being on the water.

RESTORED, how many times after a busy stressful week you feel that need to get away from technology, and completely disconnect. The restoration process starts once you enter the body of water, it gives you time to forget troubles, reflect on your inner soul, and/or contemplate your next moves in life. You simply cannot do that vital meditation needed with mobile phones pinging every five minutes stealing your undivided attention - it's not easy living that's for sure, however with the escapism you can gain with Paddleboarding, you can have those serene moments all to yourself.

FREEDOM is another epic feeling you get from SUP, which provides the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Life's daily struggles are left on land when you Paddleboard providing that feeling that you are floating in space and not being imprisoned or enslaved by life's demands of work, bills, debt, or relationships. Paddleboarding takes that worry out of the equation as none of that matters while you are free to have fun, and that can only be good for the mind, body and soul to recharge. Ultimately, as we illustrate below, you don't have to be naked to feel free.


Paddleboarding is a key contributor that can enable you to have:

Better Balance 

Your balance will be constantly challenged which will help to strengthen and tone up those minuscule muscles in the legs and feet strengthening in the process.

Improved Core Muscle

You'd be mistaken if you think the arms do all the work in SUP, it's actually your core muscles and torso that work combined that help to propel you through the water. Each stroke you make should make an impact on your core strength muscles along as you are paddling with the correct technique.

High Intensity Workout

If you want to toast fat, SUP could be the way to go, burning up to 1125 calories in an hour of high-intensity racing. If you don't plan on racing, SUP touring can still provide the gains by just moving at 3mph/5kmh burns 600 calories in just 60 minutes.

Peace of Mind

SUP is increasingly looked at as a way to train your mind, body, and soul which has been strongly associated with supporting mental health and wellbeing. Paddling is known to reduce stress, provide happiness, improve your overall quality of life, and make you more sociable.



Final thoughts 

If you're looking to take up a new sport post lockdown, we encourage you to speak friends who paddle already, and perhaps ask the same question we did 'describe in one word how SUP makes you feel?' It's highly likely you'll hear the same words we've covered in this article which might provide some context into why the sport is so popular.


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