Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Brands

Are you looking to order your first iSUP (Inflatable) and want to focus on investing in quality paddleboard brands with an emphasis on the purpose, technology, and not the quick buck? If that's the case, and you don't want to waste your time or money do read on fellow paddlers.....

You'll be happy to know the SUP Wales team has done all the hard paddle work for you. Our dedicated team recently asked 1000 Paddleboarding enthusiasts in a poll which Paddleboard brand they would recommend to friends for this coming season.

Now it's time for a drumroll please as here come the results....

Yes, the winner of the inflatable Stand Up Paddle most recommended brand for 2021 by SUP Wales is Red Paddle Co!

The why you might ask?

Well, Red paddle has been making SUPing easier and more enjoyable for more than a decade. The team at Red focuses on technology that is subject to robust testing procedures before any product is placed on the market given the best in optimal design and manufacturing quality. They offer boards for every rider, junior, all-round, touring, racing, multi-person, or specialty to name a few.  Red paddle offers exceptional customer service, a 5-year warranty on all their boards, and top it off with free delivery for orders over £100. Red has just launched a new iSUP in 2021 called the Voyager for touring with a revolutionary V-hull which is certainly forward thinking to make the most as you track. 


In 2nd place in the poll, we have the infamous O'Shea iSUP range, who again focus on quality and testing their products performance to give the customers the best in service. What's more both their Research and Development and Distribution center are based Wales, which makes testing for the Welsh environment far easier as it's on their doorstep. O'Shea iSUP products are resilient, and a perfect choice for any type of paddler with a wide range of iSUPs to choose from with low to medium budget in mind. O'Shea brand are also so confident in their products that each board purchased comes with a three-year warranty to give the customer peace of mind that they are in safe hands.  


In 3rd place, we have Fanatic, who founded in 1981, and hold brand representation and experience in the market spanning over three decades. Throughout their business life, Fanatic protects an ongoing promise that delivers timelessly on quality, innovation, and service. Fanatic has the resolute passion that only the very best will do their customers. 


In brand position four we have the brand Bluefin, who designs in the UK and sells Worldwide. Bluefin Paddleboards offer stability, portability, and precision paddling. You can take your Bluefin SUP anywhere, whether you are paddling rough seas or a calm lake, the iSUPs are packed with high-performance design features. Another good choice for the quality investment of money with boards that hold their value. 


Finally, to round off the top five iSUP brands voted for by Paddleboarders we have the brand Jobe, who have been developing products with the greatest care and highest quality materials every day since 1974. Jobe stands by their product performance by offering a three warranty with all iSUPs, and certainly another quality brand, which any SUP enthusiast might wish to check out.


Photo Credit - Steve Humphreys   


So to recap, what can you tell from this article when looking to purchase a paddleboard?

Well, there are some common themes that emerge from the detail which relate to quality, technology, and warranty with any of the discussed brands which ensures customers will buy with confidence. However, ultimately, it does come to a few other factors such as:

1. Budget

How much do you have to spend? It might be worthwhile considering if you buy cheap, you'll buy twice, and really speaking you want your boards lasting around 3-5 seasons, so why not break down the cost over 5 years on a Pro Rata Monthly basis.  You might find if you buy cheap (two boards) which last half the time, you'll end up spending more, not including the negative impact your actions will have on the environment.

2. Purpose/Location/Activity

Where will you use the iSUP? perhaps you only need it for SUP fun at the beach? Although, have you considered SUP touring for adventures around the coast? SUP surf? SUP Yoga? SUP Fishing? SUP Whitewater?

The answers you decide to these questions should help drive the discovery on the length & user functionality of the iSUP. However, a second requirement based on user's height and weight will also need identifying, and whether you want multiple users utilising the board the same - If that's the case then perhaps a Mega or Jumbo iSUP might be a better option.   

3. Storage

How will you transport the board to a body of water? where will the iSUP be stored when not using it? Are you planning on taking the board on a plane? 

These are again considerations that should be evaluated with points 1 and 2 to make sure you are picking the right branded iSUP's, for the right reasons. 

That's all for now, we hope this article has been useful to understand what quality is already out there, and we wish good luck on both your purchase and paddle adventures. Have Fun!

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