Ancient History - The Hasake (Part 2)

Today we continue our quest to unravel the ancient history of SUP, and discuss who might have been the first culture in the World to Stand Up Paddle. Would you have any ideas?

In last weeks post we discussed the Peruvians, and how they've utilised the 'Caballito De Totora' aka 'Little Reed Horses' for over 3000 years - Today is the turn of the Israelis who SUP on a vessel known as the 'Hasake'!

Here are some fun facts which you might not know:

⭐️ The original Hasake was made out of wood, and nowadays mixed with fiberglass
⭐️ The Middle Eastern SUP board history dates all the way back to 800 AD -1300 AD
⭐️ The vessels were originally crafted by Israeli fisherman, and used for net, line, and spearfishing
⭐️ Tel Aviv lifeguards now use the Hasake boat as a rescue vessel

⭐️ The typical 'Hasake' board is around15ft. in length, measures about 60in. wide, and has a keel all throughout its bottom

Pretty cool SUP huh? 😎 We think so too! 

For next week it will be the turn of the Italians, followed by the Welsh as we continue to unravel the mystery of Ancient SUP!