Changing Robe Benefits

Hey there, we hope the Sizzling Summer is rewarding you with beautiful Paddleboard memories and you are having SUPer fun with friends and loved ones on the water! 

Today we take a closer look at Changing Robes, for which, if you haven't come across these items before we can honestly say they are life savers in many respects and we like to refer to them as 'People Tents'!

You can see why!

So what are benefits you might ask for these pieces of apparel that can be used all year round..well...

  • Changing Robes keep you protected from the elements pre & post SUP should that Welsh shower catch you off guard while you sip your coffee or whilst you deflate your iSUP boards. 
  • Changing Robes keep you snug, warm and effectively are like 'people tents' with additional features such a hood to keep the calm breeze off you, and prevent you from becoming sick from being wet from the water.
  • Changing Robes allow for privacy, so you can get changed easily in public without being accused of indecent exposure, as you can easily move around within them
  • Changing Robes are available in adults and children sizes to make sure all the family can dry off in no time at all and stay healthy. 
  • Changing Robes out shells are usually constructed using one large fabric piece to avoid seams, making the robe water proof and wind proof.
  • The Changing Robes that come with a zip make the it easy to take on and off which also makes them suitable for lifeguards as they are so quick to slip off.
  • The majority of Changing Robes, other than towel versions, tend to be lined with synthetic Lambswool which absorbs water away from the skin, drying your body quickly whilst still keeping you warm.  This process is called wicking. 
So you see there's so many benefits to reap from this handy piece of apparel for SUP. So once you’ve purchased your dry robe, it should last you for a good few years, with the guarantee of keeping you warm when you get out of the water. 

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