Swiss Valley Reservoir (Cwm Lower Lliedi)

Here's a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) site which is open to for the public to enjoy all year round. This idyllic paddle site is suitable for beginners and families famous for hidden waters deep in the canyon of Swiss Valley within Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.


Originally built in 1878 to supply water to the residents of Llanelli, the Lower Cwm Lliedi features a silted bed that reaches depths of approximately 24-30 feet (9 meters) at its deepest point, while near the pontoon, it measures around 14-16 feet (5 meters).

After the establishment of the Lower Reservoir, a second upper reservoir was constructed in 1905 to accommodate the growing needs of the local community. In 2020, the Llanelli Rural Council (LRC) took charge, entering a 5-year community agreement with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. The objective is to preserve and enhance the recreational facility, offering opportunities for activities such as paddleboarding amid the expansive blue surroundings.

This recreational venue features a two-mile woodland walk meandering through the valley. Over the years, Swiss Valley has evolved into a preferred destination for anglers, dog walkers, mountain bikers, wildlife enthusiasts, and now, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) enthusiasts.

Location Location Location 

Take the M4 exit at Junction 48 (Hendy) and head west along Pontarddulais Road (A4138) toward Llanelli for 3.2 miles. Upon reaching the roundabout after the Llanelli Crematorium turnoff, choose the second right exit onto Llethri Rd. Follow the road, passing Calsonic Kansei on your left. At the next junction, turn right onto A476. The destination is approximately one mile ahead, just past the speed camera on the left.

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Lower Cwm Lleidi Reservoir, Swiss Valley, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 8BS

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Site Map 

 At SUP Wales, we love to go that extra mile and explain the site in further detail and how you can gain access. To help with this explanation we've designed a map below which will indicate where our meeting point is for our organised lessons, and what else might to know around the site.  


We believe it's crucial to highlight the parking choices. If you opt for Car Park 1 (Open 9 am - 8 pm), it's a brief 5-minute walk down a lane to the dam. However, please note that the route isn't flat. Alternatively, you can choose Car Park 2, which involves a longer walk to the launch site, but the path is much more level.

SUP Wales meets clients near the Toilets or Launch site, so once parked, you can proceed down to the reservoir. If you encounter any access challenges, just give us a call, and we'll assist you.

The map also outlines the exclusion zones and clarifies the areas open for paddling. It's worth mentioning that the blue space is shared with the angling community. If you come across anglers on the water, kindly respect their activity and maintain a distance of at least 30 feet.


To enhance biosecurity measures and prevent the spread of non-native plant or animal species to and from the Reservoir, Llanelli Rural Council has introduced toilets and watercraft wash-down stations. We encourage you to utilize these facilities during each paddle to safeguard the pristine rivers, lakes, and coastal areas across Wales. Your cooperation is vital in preserving the beauty of our natural environments.

Last but certainly not least, it's crucial to comprehend that individuals opting for self-launch at Cwm Lower Lliedi should possess full paddling equipment and proficiency. If you lack these prerequisites, we strongly advise securing a professional lesson with SUP Wales. Additionally, obtaining personal public liability insurance is highly recommended, enhancing your safety in the event of unforeseen circumstances while out on the water.


To self-launch and park, please visit the booking page of LIVE Free Adventures, the current operators of the site as of Summer 2023. They charge a £5 launch fee. For booking and additional details, you can use the following direct link.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable time on the water! We eagerly anticipate seeing your fantastic SUP photos within our SUP Wales Community soon.



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