Lake Vyrnwy

Let's explore another picturesque Welsh lake, and today it's the enchanting Lake Vyrnwy nestled in the heart of Powys, Mid Wales.

Photo Credit - Paul Burton

Lake Vyrnwy stands as a breathtaking reservoir established in the 19th century to provide water to the English city of Liverpool. The valley was deliberately flooded to meet the water demand, resulting in the submersion of the village of Llanwddyn.



As you drive along the perimeter road of the lake, towering trees cast shadows, and numerous groves unfold, inviting you to explore.

Did you realise that Lake Vyrnwy is home to the tallest living Welsh Douglas Fir Trees, reaching an impressive height of 60 meters?

Regrettably, the largest tree, standing at 63.7 meters, was recently damaged during a storm. In response, Natural Resources Wales enlisted the talents of artist Simon O'Rourke to create a piece of art rather than removing the tree. Simon, recognizing the tree as the "Giant of Vrynwy," sculpted a giant hand as a poignant memorial, symbolizing the tree's final reach for the sky.



Witness this enchanting, creative, and innovative project that deserves our applause. It's undoubtedly a must-see during your visit.

For the full story and to check out Simon's fabulous portfolio follow this link.

While navigating the country lane that runs parallel to the lake, you'll encounter some truly breathtaking viewpoints. Be sure to find a safe spot to pull over and absorb the scenery before reaching the local boathouse, your starting point for launching.

Upon launching from the Boathouse, veer to the right-hand side and navigate past the Princess Tower. Consider a pause for coffee or to appreciate the view, but exercise caution and maintain a safe distance of at least 30 feet from the tower.

Experience breathtaking views as you gaze up the lake's expanse toward the majestic Welsh mountains.


While relishing the picturesque surroundings, it's worth noting that Bethania Watersports maintains a safety boat on the water, conducting regular patrols with public safety as their top priority. Feel free to give them a friendly wave or a round of applause for their commendable efforts in ensuring everyone's safety throughout every season!

The scenery as you paddle towards the upper part of the lake is truly awe-inspiring.

Discover secluded beaches along the way, perfect for pausing, taking a break, and savoring the surrounding views.


To recap, here are some valuable top tips to keep in mind when paddling at this picturesque Welsh Blue Space destination:

⭐️ Lake Vyrnwy is a stunning reservoir that was created way back in 19 century
⭐️ Lake Vyrnwy has a maximum depth of 26m, and its length is a whopping 7.64km
⭐️ Lake Vyrnwy is still home to largest living Douglas Fir Tree in Wales standing at a staggering 60.6m tall, where you can also now find the talented art of Simon O'Rourke carved out of its predecessor, which was a staggering 63.7m tall. 
⭐️ Any paddler wishing to launch can do so from the Boathouse, and it costs only £5 for the full day of SUP
⭐️ It is also possible to rent paddle equipment onsite & talk SUP safety with Bethania Adventure who are located right on the lake.

⭐️ Lake Vyrnwy welcomes the public when safety boats are in operation, typically from April to October each season, prioritizing paddlers' safety. It's important to acknowledge that participants engaging in water activities are required to wear a buoyancy aid at all times

Contact - 01691 870615. Postcode - SY10 0LZ  


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