Gold Member Lower Lleidi Reservoir Portal - Members Only

Gold Member Lower Lleidi Reservoir Portal - Members Only

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Hey SUPer, 

Welcome to your exclusive portal to book your launch time at Lower Lleidi (Swiss Valley) Reservoir, please select a time and date from the event picker and have fun!

*Remember to:

1) Check three weather applications to get a rounded idea of what the weather might be like. Perform this activity twice before you reach the launch site (ie 1 day before and morning of paddle) 

2) Check all kit is in functional and in working order 

3) If paddling alone, send a message to a reliable family member or friend on what time you are launching at the Reservoir, and what time you are due back off the water. Also, remember to check in with that family member or friend once you are back in on dry land. 

4) ONLY paddle with a Buoyancy aid on if SUP also leg/waist leash

5) Dynamically assess the conditions on the day, don't put yourself at risk if weather changes, and use your understanding to call it a day where necessary. As a general rule make sure wind is under 15 mph.  

6) Biodiversity - Make sure you wash down your kit before leaving the site. 


Be fun, and be safe - If in doubt don't go out!