Talk SUP - Gold Membership Explained

Today we wanted to take some time to explain more about our Gold membership and the why. 

For those who don't know, SUP Wales main goal is to place Wales as a top tourist destination globally for Stand Up Paddleboarding. We intend to accomplish this goal by delivering safe and responsible events and supporting Eco-Tourism in Wales. In parallel, we aim to inspire a generation of athletes into the sport from across Wales!

Memberships for the community have always been a goal for us with emphasis on recreational and wellbeing activities via the SUP in Wales. For those that want to feel part of something we are building that will represent Wales, we welcome your membership which is the same cost as a cup of coffee each month. The membership will help us to grow and grant you access to a whole host of events we will be announcing in Wales, not to mention discount off our Mega Events planned for 2022, and yearly afterwards.

We hope you are excited as we are!


Included in our membership offering is a competency assessment delivered by our trained professionals (online or in-person) to support you to be a better paddler while on the water. All membership comes with standard insurance for bodies of water where the owners require you to have in place for self-launch.

Once members, we also offer the service of dedicated account executives that you can ask questions to, seek support, or feedback on ideas for community fun on the water too. In the end, our team believes in abundance, so if you have an idea we always want to listen and help where we can - we are on this journey together (let us converge). 

Our Exclusive Gold Membership benefits package includes: 

 Finally, upon sign up, we will send you a SUP Wales Official Window Decal, which uses static cling technology, and printed with Hewlett Packard odorless inks - a perfect solution for any car or van decoration supporting the iconic brand. 

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